From 4 to 15 october


A contemporary cuisine pop – up project to make dialogue among culture, wine and territory.

Of greek – argentinian origin and adopted by the places and flavors of the world experimented for years, Fernando and Lisandro, with a mediterranean – fusion cuisine, will contaminate the restaurant’s menu “à la carte” proposing tasting menus that will vary according to the raw materials.

The project

The concept was born by Francesco Illy international travels upbringing his extensive experiences of living and tasting around the world. An experience of sharing and coexistence that intends to cross the physical boundaries of the estate, amplifying connections, dialogue with the territory and its community.

Contaminations combines the art of agriculture and Tuscan tradition with culinary excellence, fully integrating into Mastrojanni and bringing raw materials to the forefront.

A creative and inclusive method capable of concretizing the response of each ingredient and the promotion of excellence to give life to unique creations.

The relationship between Tuscan ingredients and international chefs is more than a side story; it is the heart of the experience.

Our tasting menu

Our agenda


Tuesday 10th of October, 8 pm.

Our wine expert Maurizio Castelli meets Contaminazioni, we propose a vertical wine tasting of our Rosso di Montalcino paring with Fernando and Lisandro’s courses. 

Cost 110 € per person

To dine with our wine expert

From October 13rd to 15th, the menu will be à la carte.

Why Fernando & Lisandro

Francesco Illy

How did it came in my mind to invite two Greek-Argentinean chefs? Simple. There is a place, it is called Agia Marina, on the island of Symi, not far from Rhodes, facing the coast of Turkey: this  below!

(That's Turkey in front)

The water and the seabed at Agia Marina are like this:


The most beautiful bay I have ever seen? Maybe. Of course-that I fell in love with it. And so, I go back there every year. But, that wasn’t enough: there, until a year ago, Lisandro and Fernando, who are originally from Symi, ran the beach restaurant. A crazy restaurant, with incredible dishes: three-Michelin-star excellence on the beach. For a “gourmet” like me, pure enjoyment.

This year, Lisandro and Fernando were gone: the owners of the land were selling the restaurant. Likely, one of the waiters recognized me and I was able to get Lisandro’s mobile phone, who was in Symi in those days. 

Of course, I called him and met him.

Of course, I proposed him to do a pop – up of their cuisine at Mastrojanni.

Obvious, (I am a  great”encantador de  serpientes “) I convinced them.

Fernando was in Saharan Africa, at I don’t know which king’s preparing lavish lunches and dinners for, I don’t know which sheikh and I couldn’t see him, but I agreed with Lisandro and now they are coming for us to enjoy for a fortnight in early October. I am thrilled!

If great, great cuisine appeals to you, Lisandro and Fernando will blow your mind!

Francesco Illy, gourmet and connoisseur of gluttony 😀

About the chefs

Fernando Damonte is Argentinian and he traveled around the world to discover the flavors and aromas of Uruguay, Spain, France and Morocco developing his first passion in pastry.

Lisandro Damonte grew up and studied in Buenos Aires and then moved to Spain and Greece where he fell in love with Italian, Spanish and French fusion cuisine. Today, with his brother Fernando, he is  involved in international pop – up projects around the world.

Ristorante Mastrojanni

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